10 new startups started their pre-Accelerator journey with Red Brick yesterday!

In these three weeks they will test and validate their ideas. They will define the next steps, find creative pathways to approach the problems they are solving and hopefully learn from each other.

The batch is full of great energy and peer support. The teams are working on different problems to solve. From improving access to menstrual pads to ramping up the user experience in cafes and gyms to monitoring air quality and revolutionizing self-development and time management through AI, teams are exploring a wide range of topics.

Amazing to be working with these teams and helping them on their paths.
It’s going to be exciting to see where they end up!

We are happy to announce our partnership with Liquido.vc who are closely supporting pre-seed and seed startups in structuring & designing their businesses and preparing & raising funding rounds.

We both share a hands-on approach to working with founders.

Looking forward to supporting together the next generation of pre-seed and seed phase startups in Finland!